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Stanley 'Stan' Edwin Jennings

  ... to provide a safe and warm home for over 40 years.  His job was at Earl Whynot's paper company,  Anyone who knew my dad, knew he loved to smoke White Owl cigars and his pipe filled with Sale Green tobacco, I loved the smell as a kid.

Hi passion was his gardens and many a hodge podge was enjoyed from his labor of love.  He would make fried baby potatoes that he left in the pan, for when his 2 daughters came down and nibbled on while we made our own breakfast.  In later years, he enjoyed planting flowers.  I would drive him to a local grower where he would take his time making his selection,  After planting, he would enjoy sitting in the backyard taking in the wonderful colors and aroma's of the many varieties he chose.

One of my favorite memories was his and our vacation day trip to Halifax on the ferry and walk up to Scotia Square to shop for school.  Then continued up to the Public Gardens to feed the birds and listen to the music if we were lucky enough to catch a band playing.  Chinese for lunch at our special restaurant, a feast for 3, while dad had his hamburger steak. Then it was the long walk back to the ferry and a taxi the rest of the way home.

He loved to chat with anyone willing to stop by when he sat in his chair in the front yard and helped find a few chores for a few men in the neighborhood that could use some spending money.  Dad loved the ladies at the church and made sure he chatted with as many as he could when he would come to support the many meals served in the basement of the church.

He was proud to call Port Wallace his home, where many more stories were made with my dad. Love and miss you always,


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