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Our Vision

Striving to be a welcoming spiritual community to all

Our Goal

To welcome all people to share and grow with us in Christian faith through worship, work, learning and fellowship

Our History

Since 1935, St.Andrew's Anglican Church, Locks Road, Dartmouth, has been a fixture in the Port Wallis community as a comforting place to worship, sharing friendships and helping others.  The congregation has a friendly and welcoming spirit where people can find spiritual guidance combined with fellowship and lots of laughs.  

Missionary work in this area began in 1935  when the first service was held in the local school house. St. Andrew's was then a mission of Christ Church, Dartmouth, administered by their clergy, wardens and vestry.  The first church building was erected on this site the following year. In 1943, St. Andrew's joined Emmanuel Church in North Dartmouth to form a parish of its own and for the next 50 years remained attached to one or more congregations in the community. In 1993, we became an autonomous parish. Though we are technically located in the metro are, we have happily maintained our reputation as a friendly 'neighbourhood' church and we frequently welcome visitors, many of whom decide to make this their spiritual home.

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