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May, 2017 ...but then, even in Jesus time, food was often at the center of activities. I don't think it is possible to starve in Old Crow, everyone comes together, especially when it comes to providing traditional foods. I am hoping to include a photo of caribou heads being roasted outside over an open fire. There was caribou head soup, fried caribou (fry meat), dried caribou (dry meat), roasted and boiled, not to mention pies and deserts made from berries picked on Crow Mountain. Other activities included Yukon man/woman contest, sawing logs, splitting wood, goose calling and muskrat calling contest...can't say I have spent much time doing either activity, I took a pass. There was a marathon race and scrambles for youth and adults, a dance and a "jigging" contest, and lots of prizes, this community really comes together. There was also a display of products made with fur and traditional bead work...just beautiful. Oh and before I forget there were 34 people in church on Sunday morning for a baptism, opportunity to welcome a beautiful little baby boy into the church family...and you will never guess, more food. What an opportunity to highlight community, the sacredness of motherhood, and the strength of family...all of that, ordained by God. The next few things coming up in the church will include a confirmation and a traditional cool is that? Oh yeah, I managed to walk all the way to the top of Crow Mountain, I am told it is 5 miles/8 km up (true or not), it is still a pretty good hike and I must say i enjoyed the opportunity and the views from up there. Someone ask if I had seen any signs of bears to which I politely replied, "If I had, I would not have been up there and the hike would have been cut very short." Well guys, enjoy your day, God Bless, take good care of one's important. Rev. Bert

March 2017 ... one that I cherish a great deal...there are days it feels like a part of me. Then again, I look outside at the nearly full moon tonight...just handsome in the cold Arctic sky. Lots of folks in Eastern Canada are looking at that full moon as well, probably with similar thoughts. God is fully aware that much of the beauty that surrounds us also draws us together. I love the idea that I am removed by so many miles and yet we can gaze upon the same moon, the same sky and yes, feel love by the same God. How totally awesome is that thought, so far and still so very close. Tonight the clocks change, yes I have to move my butt a little earlier in the morning, but just like every spring, I'll get used to it whether I am in Halifax or Old Crow. Around here there is more talk about when spring break-up might happen. I don't know, this will be my first spring in this place, but the talk is a sure sign of spring and I like it, alot. But this is a beautiful world and with it comes some very beautiful opportunities...may God truly make me anxious and willing to see and accept them in a fashion that brings Him and me joy. As the days get longer no matter where you are and the sounds of spring clearer may you find a joy only God's love can bring. Take good care, especially of those you hold dear and may God richly bless you. Father Bert.

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