From Our Wardens
Martha Barnstead and Edy Guy 

                                                                                  May 28, 2020


Keeping You Informed


We reported the amount of regular envelope donations to you on the 28th of April in the amount of $2,510.00.


We paid our April bills in the amount of $4,023.99 and this does not include heating our church.

Donations that have been dropped off in the vestry mail slot and collected from our community mailbox are being counted and deposited weekly.


For the first four weeks in May we have deposited the following:

May 1st - Regular $585; Food Bank $35; Ways & Means $75; PWR&DF $15

May 9th- Regular $675; Major Maintenance $30; Food Bank $45;

PWR&DF $10  

May 16th – Regular $250; Major Maintenance $10 and

May 23rd – Regular $340; Food Bank $20; Ways & Means $50

Weekly P.A.R. donations are now $293.00 up from $270.00.

The total income from regular envelopes and P.A.R. for the four weeks is $3092.00.


Our Diocese has given us two gifts … allotment payments for March, April and May has been exempted as well as our rector’s salary for April and May. We are truly grateful for this generosity.

We will be receiving June’s invoice which will include the allotment and salaries.

As you are aware we have not held any fundraisers due to the pandemic. 


We thank you for your donations thus far and look forward to making weekly deposits so we are relying on your continued regular weekly donations through P.A.R., drop-off in the vestry mail slot or via Canada Post.


These are the options we have at this time. Our mailing address is: St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, 8 Locks Road, Dartmouth, NS B2X 2J4.

Please don’t forget donations for the food bank!

Stay well. Many Blessings, Your Wardens


                                                                            April 14, 2020

Hello Everyone,


We are hopeful that you are all staying safe by remaining at home with only going out when absolutely necessary.

Most of us are in the seniors category so the grocery stores have dedicated their first hour of operation for us.


In the meantime Martha and I will be counting the offering which is being dropped off in our mail slot later this week.

We do plan to do our best to follow the rules while completing this task.


For those of you who are unable to drop off your offering you may consider doing so by mailing your envelope to:

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church

8 Locks Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

B2X 2 J4  


We are thankful for your donations via the mail slot and PAR.  


Our property committee members along with the wardens continue to check the church on a daily rotation basis.


If for any reason you visit our church please sign-in with the day’s date, time and the time you left. 


Stay safe and kindest regards,

Your wardens