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Email the Reverend Ebsary at or call 902-463-6544

Email Mike Winslow at

Weekly Book Study
beginning on January 11, 2023
led by Rev. Ebsary.
Every Wednesday for 5-6 weeks.

Details about the book


  • A beloved teacher helps modern people live the Bible’s message more fully. Respected teacher and author Verna Dozier explores the ways that humanity and the institutional church have strayed far from Jesus’s original message. To help us get back on track, she examines the Bible: a theological and historical record of hundreds of years in which two communities of faith (Jewish and early Christian) explored their own life experiences. Our task now is not to ask which interpretations are correct, but to ask “what did it mean to them” and “what does it mean for us?” Dozier encourages us to see Christianity not as creed or institution, but as “the vision of a new possibility for human life rooted in an ancient understanding of God and lived out by a Nazarene carpenter.”

  • Through adept storytelling and study, Dozier reawakens our sense of calling and our desire for truth. This new and revised edition includes a new foreword by Sophfronia Scott and a study guide.

  • Available;

    • Online from Chapters (Indigo), $25.99 for paperback with free in store pick up, $18.99 for Kobo ebook

    • Amazon, $25.73, there may be a delivery charge, $14.99 for Kindle ebook

    • Rakuten kobo ebook $18.99

    • Also likely available for order from from independent book stores

Details about the book study

  • An online study using Zoom, likely hosted on St. Andrews Zoom Account

  • Reverend Ebsary to lead the study

  • Mike Winslow will manage the hosting and help with leading as required

  • Plan to start January 11, if there is an issue with people having the book we may delay 1 week

  • Plan for weekly sessions Wednesday evenings at 7 pm, expect the sessions to last 60 to 90 minutes

  • Expect 5 to 6 sessions with no breaks between sessions

  • Invitations sent to Holy Spirit, St Andrews and St. Lukes but all are welcome

    • If the response is more than we can effectively handle in one group we will have 2 sessions or split off into Break Out rooms during the session, whatever the group thinks wil be best

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