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El Camino Santiago

Camino Day 37 (June 22). Amenal to Santiago de Compostela. 16.5 km. Total walked 799 km

Amazing to finally reach the Cathedral. Pilgrim's Mass was special with botafumeiro swung

Thinking of all the folks I met along the way.

Camino Day 36. Arzua to Amenal. 24 km. Penultimate day till Santiago. 

Through eucalyptus forests for part of day & some road time. Lots of pilgrims today. 

Getting excited about completion. Hot & sunny still

Camino Day 35. San Xulian to Arzua. 25 km. Another hot one.

Thru more eucalyptus forests. Only 40 km to Santiago!

 Churros & chocolate as a reward!

Camino Day 34 (Jun19) Gonzar to San Xulian. 21.5 km. Hot again

Passed thru Palas de Rei. More pulpo for lunch. 

Nice albergue with communal dinner followed by special "queimada" drink to ward off spirits.

Camino Day 33. Molina de Marzan to Gonzar. 23 km

Misty morning but hot later. Passed the 100 km marker. 

Thru Portomarin & saw 1st eucalyptus trees.

Camino Day 32. A Balsa to Molina de Marzan via Sarria. 26 km.

Clouds in the valley this morning - like walking on a foggy day. Kept us cool in the morning.

Had our 1st Pulpo (octopus) a local specially. Albergue was at an old Mill. So peaceful. Still hot & sunny.

Camino Day 31. Linares to A Balsa. 20 km.

All about the farms today.

 Lots of animals, crop fields. Hot & sunny still.

Camino Day 30. (June 15) Trabadelo to Linares via O'Cebreiro.

22 km but a big climb. 600 m up over 7 km.

Very hot on one side of the mountain, cool & cloudy on the other.

Camino Day 29. Camponaraya to Trabadelo. 27 km. Back into vineyards. 

Thru Villafranca del Bierzo. Some of us took the scenic route - lots of up & down, little shade & so hot! 

Great views though.

Camino Day 27. Rabanal del Camino to Acebo. Only 17 km but up to highest point on the Camino (1,515 m above s.l.).

 Beautiful alpine flowers + our 1st sunset!

 Cruz de ferro today to place our stone from home.

Camino Day 26. Astorga to Rabanal del Camino. 21 km. Into the mountains again. 

Vespers sung in Latin by the Benedictine monks next door.

Beautiful Albergue run by Confraternity of St. James in UK. Afternoon tea in the garden.

Camino Day 25 (June 10). San Martin del Camino to Astorga. 24 km.

Path was mostly off the road thru fields. Very hot!

Astorga is a beautiful city!

Camino Day 24. Leon to San Martin. 26 km.

Path was mostly beside the highway. Hot & sunny.

Long walk out of the city but saw the Spanish version of "Snowbirds" .

June 9thCamino Day 24. Mansillas de las Mulas to Leon. 19 km

Another beautiful cathedral.

 Short walk into the city.

June 8th Camino Day 23. Bercianos to Mansilla de las Mulas. 26.7 km.

Visited pilgrims Lynn & Tess at the river.

Long walk along the road & railroad. Hot & sunny.

June 7th Camino Day 22. Terradillos de los Templarios to Bercianos. 25 km.

Nice walk mostly on gravel path. Over halfway to Santiago.

Cool, clear morning. Beautiful sunrise. 

June 6th Camino Day 21. Carrion de los Condes to Temporillas de los Templarios. 25 km. 

 Sunny day but cool (15), nice for walking. Long 17 km walk with no towns - coffee at a trailer.

Lots of pilgrims on the road today.

June 5th Camino Day 20. Fromista to Carrion de los Condes. 21 km

 Pilgrims' Mass & Blessing in the evening.

Cool day with rain threatening. Lots of dovecotes.

June 4th Camino Day 19. Castrojerez to Fromista. 25 k

 Big up & down to start then endless fields.

Ended along a canal but competed with a bike rac

June 3rd Camino Day 18. Hornillos to Castrojerez. 21k

Hot, through fields of crops, windmills. Castrojerez has a 9th c. castillo

Worth the hike up for great view of the town.

June 2nd Camino Day 17. Burgos to Hornillos del Camino. 21.5 km

Long walk out of the city, past the university, along the highway before getting to the grin fields.

Hot, dusty walk to our resting place for the night.

June 1st Camino Day 16. Rest day in Burgos.

The city is dominated by the massive gothic Cathedral. Over 15 chapels each with a fancy altarpiece.

 Home to the remains of El Cid.

May 31st Camino Day 15. Ages to Burgos. 22.7 km

Passed through Atapuerca - site of 1st human existence in Europe.

Up a long hill before descent to Burgos & its magnificent Gothic cathedral.

May 29th  Camino Day 13. Villambistia to Ages. 20.8 km.

Moved from farms to mountains. 

Up & down. Oak forest, flowers & butterflies. Cooler.

May 28th  Camino Day 12. Granon to Villambistia. 22.4 km

Sunny again. Long walk beside the highway.

 Still lots of crop fields. The end of walk beer is so refreshing! 

May 27th Camino Day 11. Azorfa to Granon. 22.4 km.

 Early start again with beautiful vistas of crop fields, wild flowers. 2nd breakfast in Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

On to Granon. Pilgrim's Mass in the evening.

May 26th Camino Day 10. Navarette to Azorfa. 22.6 km.

1st sunrise. Lots of grapes

Bonus - another foot pool! Thunderstorm in the evening.

May 25th Camino Day 9. Logrono to Navarette. 13 km.

Short day due to late start. Hot again. 

Altarpiece in Cathedral very elaborate.

May 23rd Camino Day 7. Azqueta to San Sol. 21 km.

Very hot walk. +30. Wheat fields & lots of grapes.

Rewarded by a foot pool at our albergue!

May 21st

Camino Day 5.Pamplona to Maneru 30 km.

Lots of poppies along the way and huge vistas. 

Climbed the hill El Perdon

May 22nd

Camino Day 6. Maneru to Azqueta. 24km.

So many flowers along the Way! 

 Hot, hot, hot. The Bodega Irache wine fountain was a welcome stop. 

May 20th

Camino day 4. Zubiri to Pamplona. 24 km

Along Rio Arga. Lots of medieval bridges to cross. 

Stayed in a hostel in a former cathedral.

May 18th

Camino day 2. Orisson, France to Roncevalles, Spain.

About 17 km - up for 7, flat for 5, down for 5.

Key words are cold, wet, windy, cold (single digits). 

May 17th

Camino Day 1. 7.9 km. Up, up, up to Orisson, France. Warm & sunny. 
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May 16th, 2017

Made it to St. Jean Pied de Pord, which is the starting point.

We will have a communal meal there tonight. Then up at 639 for breakfast, then on the road.

The walk starts tomorrow