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Rev Bert Chestnut
Rector and Dean of Yukon
Christ church Cathedral
Whitehorse, Yukon
 To quote Rev, Bert "How awesome is that?!"

June 11, 2019

Well, here I am, time to leave Old Crow...tomorrow morning I will get on a Hawker-Siddeley aircraft with all my bits and leave Old Crow for the last time. First to Dawson, then later in the day on to Whitehorse. I still have a problem believing it has been three (3) years. Together we have accomplished quite a bit...couple weddings, couple confirmations, funerals, baptisms, a number of house blessings and to top it all....a beautiful new church, by refurbishing the Old Northern store. A worship space that will be valued by the community for years to come. Feeling blessed and looking forward to the next chapter.
God Bless, take good care. Thanks for your support, it's been a pleasure to explore Old Crow together. .
Father Bert

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