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November 30, 2021 

Keeping You Informed


What a wonderful outpouring of Christmas gifts for the adults who depend on the food bank. Tom required an additional four pairs of hands in order to get all of it to his vehicle. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

There is still time to support the Mission to Seafarers as contributions goes on from now until the end of January. Sandra will deliver these gifts as she is our direct contact to the Mission. 

The mitten (tree) box will be delivered to the food bank by mid-December. 

Your orders for angels and the money will be taken until the 5th of December.

White ribbons were available on Sunday as we did not have an in-person service the week before. These ribbons can be worn from November 25 until December 10. This is a reminder that we have pledged never to commit, condone or remain silent about all forms of gender based violence and discrimination. More information is available in the “Diocesan Net News” as well as on the Diocesan website.

Near the end of our First Sunday in Advent Service Martha made the announcement that The Reverend Edwin Ebsary will be our Priest-in-Charge beginning on the first of December continuing until May 31st. This will carry us through Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent,

Easter and part of Pentecost. We as a faith community are not ready to enter into Canon 25 at this time which is the beginning process of searching for a priest at 50%. Should we arrive at the end of May without a rector we will be able to extend our contract.

Reverend Ebsary will be serving our community for 50% which is what our budget line can accommodate as long as we continue to make our weekly donations on a regular basis. This is extremely important for our spiritual health and peace of mind.

Even though Reverend Ebsary’s contract with us does not begin until December 1st he was willing and able to meet with the majority of the worship committee following the service. It was time well spent.

Reverend Ebsary plans on having weekly in-person services beginning December 5th. You WILL NOT be receiving a phone call regarding your attendance at these weekly services. 

You will receive a call regarding your plan to attend Christmas Eve service. In order to accommodate everyone you will be invited to bubble with other parishioners and you’ll tell us with whom as we did for the celebration of life service for Reverend Robert. For those who attended that service we know your vaccination status. For those who did not attend that service you will be expected to provide proof of vaccination and any visitors will need to provide POV as well as photo identification.

We will be following our provincial health protocols as well as those outlined by our Diocese which means we will continue to wear masks, use hand sanitizer on the way in and the way out as well as physical distancing. 

We would like the bubbles to be six to seven per pew with an empty pew in front and in back as this has worked previously. We keep a record of those in attendance for each in-person service. That list is kept for one month in case we need to contact you regarding a Covid-19 exposure. Thankfully and through your due diligence we have not been put in that situation. Thank you! 

Today is November 30th and it is our patronal birthday. Our church/parish is 86 years old. Please take a minute or two for prayer for the health of our parish. You may even want to consider raising a glass in celebration.

Continue to stay safe.

Blessings … Worship Committee … Reverend Ebsary, Mike, Colin, Martha, Edy

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