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Emancipation Day, August 1

In Canada the first day of August is designated Emancipation Day, recognizing the anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the British Empire in 1834. In Nova Scotia, Minister of African Nova Scotian Affairs Tony Ince introduced legislation marking Emancipation Day in April 2021.

Everyone is invited to learn about and reflect on the contributions of people of African descent to the province’s development, while recognizing the continuing legacies of historical enslavement and anti-Black racism.  More...

From Archbishop and Primate Linda Nicholls, Anglican Church of Canada

As we recognize Emancipation Day together this year, I invite you to pray with me:

God of Liberation, we offer our prayers of thanksgiving and praise. You have heard the cries of the oppressed and given us freedom. May we remember all of the ancestors who longed for liberty and may we have the courage, strength, and fortitude to continue striving for social justice and equity in the present day. Amen.
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