St. Andrew's Angel Tree

Angels given in memory from -


Beth Peers- family and friends


Margaret Peers - family and friends


Beth and Margaret Peers- nurse, doctors and front line workers


Sandra and John Attersley - Harold and Gladys Morley; my siblings, Heather Morley and Dr. David Morley; Richard and Elizabeth Attersley.


Martha and Ed Barnstead- Charles and Elsie Castell; Charles and Olive Barnstead; Cal and Katharine Lindsey; Anna Langille, Rev. Robert Richmond.


Sandy and David Kaiser- Harry and Jessie Bensted; Susie and Murray Kaiser.


Mary Anne, Michael, Colleen and Martin - Doreen Snow, Elaine Jay and John Earle


Marg Dorey- Clark Dorey


Debbie, Tommy, Cathie, Steven and Krista- Clark Dorey


Grandchildren Maegan, Christopher and Candace- Clark Dorey


Great Grandson Emmett Clark - Grant Grampy Clark


Beulah Brinston- my parents, William and Maud Jenkins; my brother Malcolm; my brother, David Jenkins; Skyla Mae Brinston


Bernard and Vivian Hemeon - Evelyn and Remby Hemeon; Edith and Keith Conrad


Jean and Nancy White - Don White; The Keizer Family; Louise Malloch; The White Family; Rev. Robert Richmond


The Guy- Francois and Francois family - James Francois; Sheila and Maria Guy; Patricia Guy-Small; Ernest Oliver; Lillie and Fred Johnson; Frank and Brenda Creelman


Edy Guy-Francois - Shirley Beal; Lia Barton; Floyd and Barbara Horne; Dorett McColman; Rev. Robert Richmond


Jack Durnford- The Durnford family, Mum, Dad and Daphne; the Anderson family- Mum, Dad, Eric, Elias, Hubert, Ada and Theodore;


Jack Durnford and family - Viola Durnford

Dawn and Larry Mason - Orland and Ruth Myers; Leigh and Judy Meyers; Tommy and Sheryl Smith; Lester and Georgina Mason and David Mason; in memory of loved ones.


Jessie Chaulk - Raymond Chaulk


Suzanne and Sheldon Tipert - Gus and Dell Wilson; Layton, Una and Sean Tipert; Gerry White; Bruce and Sadie Duncan; Max Nunez; Rev. Robert Richmond


Doug and Betty Morash - Ralph and Mabel Morash; Robert and Irene Marshall


Ed Conrad - Irene Conrad


Faye Fleet - Keith Fleet


Joanne Chambers Laffin - Joan Chestnut; Cal and Katherine Lindsey; Jimmie Chambers


Tom Clarke and family - Greta Clarke

Owen and Mabena Combden - loved ones