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Our Histories, Our Hearts tells the story of the Anglican Women's Auxillary and, after 1967, the Anglican Church Women or ACW: Their contributions to the church and to Canada since 1870.  In 1885, a bold group of seven committed women, led by Roberta Tilton at St. Georges Anglican Church in Ottawa, formed what became the Women's Auxillary or WA.  There is much we can learn from the stories of these women who were certainly not boring or dull.

St. Andrew's ACW continues the tradition of mission work and fundraising for the church and others. Fellowship and support is centered around faith and using our abilities to provide for the church and wider community through monthly socials after church, fish chowder luncheons, roast beef dinners. Members of the ACW have made personal donations to women's groups and local in-patient mental health units. 

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